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2019-03-17 The Kingdom is at Hand! 2

2019-03-10 The Kingdom is at Hand! 1

2019-03-03 Motivated by Christ’s Love!

2019-02-17 Moving From Complaining to Gratitude! 2

2019-02-10 Moving from Complaining to Gratitude! 1

2019-02-03 The Hope of God’s Calling!

2019-01-27 Consider Your Calling!

2019-01-20 A Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation for You!

2019-01-06 Epiphany: Going Home a Different Way!

2018-12-16 Joy to the World!

2018-12-09 Peace in the Middle of the Storm!

2018-12-02 Hope: Actively Waiting!

2018-11-25 My Cup Overflows!

2018-11-18 Marked as Christ’s Own Forever!

2018-11-11 An Invitation to Radical Generosity!

2018-11-04 Come and Be Satisfied!

2018-10-28 Diligently Teaching Your Children!

2018-10-21 Come Now Let us Reason Together!

2018-10-14 An Invitation to Companionship!

2018-10-07 Go Into the Ark!

2018-09-30 Blessed to Be a Blessing!

2018-09-23 It’s All in the Family!

2018-09-16 Joshua and Caleb A Different Spirit! 2

2018-09-09 Joshua and Caleb A Different Spirit! 1

2018-09-02 A Festive Day of Rest!

2018-08-26 Yahweh Shammah ~ The Lord Is There!

2018-08-19 Yahweh Rapha ~ The Lord Who Heals!

2018-08-12 Yahweh Shalom – The Lord is our Peace!

2018-08-08 Yahweh Tsidkenu ~ The Lord is Our Righteousness!

2018-07-22 Yahweh Kedoshim! (Part 2)

2018-07-15 Stand in the Gap Ezekiel 22-30 – by Elder Russ Long

2018-07-08 Yahweh Kedoshim! (Part 1)

2018-07-01 Yahweh… I Am Who I Am! (Part2)

2018-06-24 Yahweh… I Am Who I Am! (Part 1)

2018-06-17 Yahweh Jireh: God our Provider!

2018-06-10 El Shaddai, The Lord God Almighty!

2018-06-03 The Lord of the Storm!

2018-05-27 Abel Still Speaks…

2018-05-13 Living Letters!

2018-05-06 Messengers Wanted!

2018-04-29 On Being Missional!

2018-04-22 Locked In or Sent Out?

2018-04-08 Christ our Companion!

2018-04-01 (Easter 11am) Why Do You Look for the Living among the Dead?

2018-04-01 (Easter 8am) Meet Me in Galilee?

2018-03-30 (Good Friday) Two Criminals and a King!

2018-03-29 (Maundy Thursday) Christ’s Earnest Desire!

2018-03-18 When You Find Yourself in Marah!

2018-03-11 It Is Time to Seek the Lord! (Part 3)

2018-03-04 It Is Time to Seek the Lord! (Part 2)

2018-02-18 It is Time to Seek the Lord! (Part 1)

2018-02-14 (Ash Wednesday) Bearing Fruit Worthy of Repentance!

2018-02-11 Facing Your Giants!

2018-02-04 Great Is Thy Faithfulness! (Part 2)

2018-01-28 Great Is Thy Faithfulness! (Part 1)

2018-01-21 Lessons from the Fall of a Great Man!

2018-01-14 Set Your Hearts on Things Above!

2018-01-07 The Conclusion of the Matter! (Part 2)

2017-12-31 The Conclusion of the Matter! (Part 1)

2017-12-24 Lessons From the Birth of Jesus! 2

2017-12-24 Lessons From the Birth of Jesus! 1

2017-12-17 Embracing Jesus in Confusing Times! (Part 2)

2017-12-10 Embracing Jesus in Confusing Times! (Part 1)

2017-12-03 Prepare the Way for the Lord!

2017-11-12 A Response to God’s Blessings!

2017-11-05 Welcome to the Family!

2017-10-29 A Rock of Salvation and a Stone of Stumbling! (Part 2)

2017-10-22 A Rock of Salvation and a Stone of Stumbling! (Part 1)

2017-10-15 An Undivided Heart!

2017-10-01 God Is Able to Keep You!

2017-09-24 Of Soldiers, Athletes, and Farmers! (Part 3)

2017-09-17 Of Soldiers, Athletes, and Farmers! (Part 2)

2017-09-10 Of Soldiers, Athletes, and Farmers! (Part 1)

2017-09-03 Give it a Break!

2017-08-27 Shutting the Months of Lions!

2017-08-20 Obtaining God’s Promises!

2017-08-13 Genuine Faith Conquers Kingdoms!

2017-08-06 For the Love of Christ Compels Us!

2017-07-30 Lessons from the Life of Jephthah!

2017-07-23 Samson: The Restoration of a Fallen Hero!

2017-07-16 Good Samaritan – by Elder Jeanne Pierce

2017-07-09 Barak Choosing Faith over Fear!

2017-07-02 By Faith Rahab Perished Not!

2017-06-25 Four Phrases, Eight Letters to Live By – by Elder Charles Miller

2017-06-18 The Friend at Midnight!

2017-06-11 Valley of Weeping … Oasis of Strength!

2017-05-28 How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place, Lord Almighty!

2017-05-21 Bread upon the Waters! (Part 2)

2017-05-14 Bread upon the Waters! (Part 1)

2017-04-30 What Happens After Easter?

2017-04-23 Thomas The Man Who Missed Easter!

2017-04-16 (Easter) When the Lord Speaks Your Name!

2017-04-16 (Early Easter) While It Was Still Dark!

2017-04-14 (Good Friday) “Father, into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit!”

2017-04-13 (Maundy Thursday) He Loved Them to the End!

2017-04-02 Christ Our Passover Lamb!

2017-03-26 Something for Nothing!

2017-03-19 Trusting God or Testing God?

2017-03-12 The Temptation of Material Goods!

2017-02-26 “Upon This Rock, I Will Build My Church!”

2017-02-19 “Who Do You Say that I Am?”

2017-02-12 The Loving Community!

2017-02-05 Tearful Sowing and Joyful Reaping!

2017-01-29 A Vision of God!

2017-01-22 Give Me this Mountain!

2017-01-15 Ambassadors for Jesus Christ!

2017-01-08 Pressing on for Christ!

2017-01-01 Crossing over into a New Year!

2016-12-25 The Great Mystery of Godliness!

2016-12-24 The Simplicity of Christmas!

2016-12-24 The Word Became Flesh!

2016-12-11 Joy to the World!

2016-12-04 Waiting for the Prince of Peace!

2016-11-27 Hope Is on the Way!

2016-11-23 Hidden from the Wise, Revealed to Children!

2016-11-20 Where Are the Nine?

2016-11-13 Doxological Living!

2016-11-06 Where Is Your Heart?

2016-10-23 You’ve Missed It All, Nazareth!

2016-10-16 My Grace Is Sufficient for You!

2016-10-09 It’s Time to Make Up Your Mind!

2016-10-02 Come, Everything Is Ready!

2016-09-25 Running the Race!

2016-09-18 Renewing Our Trust!

2016-09-11 Beyond Our Doubts and Dreams!

2016-09-04 It’s Finished!

2016-08-28 Before the End of Summer!

2016-08-21 Onesimus: Formerly Useless, Now Useful!

2016-08-14 I Drew Him Out of the Water!

2016-08-07 Christ’s Surpassing Worth!

2016-07-31 Nicodemus: The Religious Sinner!

2016-07-24 Zacchaeus Finds the Real Treasure!

2016-07-17 Baptism: A Glimpse of God’s Grace!

2016-07-10 The Hidden Treasure!

2016-07-03 A Call to Freedom!

2016-06-26 Do Not Forget the Lord Your God!

2016-06-19 The Perfect Father!

2016-06-12 Lord, to Whom Shall We Go?

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